Message from President

Concerning Customer Satisfaction

KT. MFG. is a company that produces filling lines used in the fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and more.
The company was founded over one hundred years ago and, in the opinion of customers, has been considered to produce high-quality, user-friendly and very safe machines.
All of our departments including sales, technology, manufacturing, and after-sale service always operate from the customer perspective and make sure that the equipment in production satisfies every customer’s order. In particular, we have a great deal of experience and have gained many achievements in manufacturing equipment that produces sterile products such as vials, syringes, and eye drops. We have a time-proven reputation with our process of filling containers and closing lids.
We are in an age in which technological innovation moves dynamically and prompt automation and labor-saving processes involved in production are in high demand. KT. MFG.’s goal is to be a company that creates innovative products to continuously satisfy customers in response to their needs and based on our extensive experience and technology.