Basic Policy

Step into the Future

We are offering the best solution to the challenges from our customers as a leader of the market. To achieve the goal, we are continually making innovations to improve products, processes and each individual's awareness of responsibility. In considering customer demands , new technologies, and the future of the industry, we will never stop stepping to the future!!

Offering Products and Services Continuously

  • State-of-the-art, High-performance Machinery
  • Continuous Support System that Customers Can Trust In

We respond to customers’ requests and ensure stable supplies (including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food) to markets, thus enhancing people’s daily lives―that is the mission of KT. MFG.

In order to accomplish this mission, we attach importance to our integrated system covering product designing to validation as well as user-friendly, custom-made equipment. We continue to provide products and services that will satisfy our customers for a long time.

A reliable loop connecting customers and KT. MFG.

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