Efforts towards Quality Improvements

Providing Highest Quality

In order to offer more user-friendly and more comfortable products to customers, we are working on thorough quality control and improvements.

We make a progress in product development with our technological strength, experiences and inexhaustible exploration spirit.

We are never satisfied with excellent products that are possible under our current technology level. We are constantly working on developing innovative technologies and products in consultation with our customers to find whether we can produce better things, make even a slight improvement, or find unprecedented ideas.

  • R&D LabR&D Lab
  • Design DepartmentDesign Department

We provide machine parts with latest equipments in house.

All the small parts of our products play important roles. KT. MFG. manufactures high-quality integral parts in-house while directly collaborating with the Development and Design Departments. We strictly manage the materials of parts in our SUS316L storage room to maintain product quality, and our machining workshop dramatically improves the manufacturing capacity of in-house parts, thus making it possible to respond quickly, even in emergencies.

  • Machinery DepartmentMachinery Department
  • WarehouseWarehouse

We can provide the highest quality products with assembling and testing in clean room environments considering our customer's site.

KT. MFG. has a plant that is large enough to assemble large-scale equipment. By assembling parts and making commissioning adjustments in-house, we are able to protect the confidentiality of customers’ machinery and equipment while executing quick and accurate assembly and adjustments due to cooperation with our Development and Design Departments. In addition, we have a clean area that approximates the actual operating environments of customers, and we are conducting highly accurate operations tests to minimize problems after delivery.

  • Clean areaClean area
  • Production DepartmentProduction Department

We offer competent support in qualification and validation considering the current regulations.

Validation regulations are updated frequently, and it is usually not easy for manufacturers to conduct validation in-house. KT. MFG. understands the latest regulations, including the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations, to which its machinery equipment adheres from the very beginning of the design stage. Under the belief that KT. MFG. is responsible to the very end for things that it manufactures, it conducts validation in-house to meet current demands.

  • Quality Assurance DepartmentQuality Assurance Department